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Ministry Leadership (Team-BASED)

Uniquely designed and packaged for your entire team.

This is an opportunity for your entire ministry or organization’s leadership team to receive full training and coaching to meet the unique needs of your ministry.  Complete the Consultation Form so D. Gerard Lindsay and his Team (including his ministry and covenant partner, wife, Kathleen T. Lindsay) can tailor design your packaged program.  Typical training packages are usually six to eight weeks in weekly sessions (digitally or in-person) that will be transformative and help build, empower and activate your team to greater achievements in excellence. 


Collaboration and Communications

For D. Gerard Lindsay and Kathleen T. Lindsay (aka D&K Global Enterprises, LLC), communications and collaboration are the keys and main components to building a successful leadership team, especially in Kingdom ministry.  By engaging with their team, they will facilitate sessions that help leaders discover their true culture and identity of the ministry (or organization) as well as unleashing the potential of each leader in their gifts and authentic identity as a leader.  Partner and affiliate teams can then be developed for enhanced engagement.  Please complete the Consultation Form to get started developing your specialized training program(s).

Kingdom Legacy Builders (KLB)

Mentoring Program

D. Gerard Lindsay and Kathleen Lindsay, Owner/Founders of D&K Global Enterprises are excited to launch a unique new program that takes high capacity emerging ministry and non-profit leaders into a solid understanding on how to best tap into God’s original design and lead themselves (and others) into their greatest potential through a 12-Month intensive mentoring program.  KLB Mentoring program will be built upon a holistic approach to discovering and embracing true identity.  Building upon the foundation of Luke 4:18 and Ephesians 4, with an experiential “hands-on” approach to leadership development, KLB will catapult you into destiny and purpose, while creating and building Kingdom legacy for generations to come.

Mentoring and Equipping With Wisdom & Prophetic Insight

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